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From Des Moines, Iowa USA
Age 83
Joined Friday, March 26, 2004
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I have choices about listing/telling who I am. To myself I must ask, What do other book readers want/need to know???
Well I play the trombone, in lots of bands, I am from Iowa and have children and am a woman and very educated.
I have a law degree and military experience USA LTC (REt). I like circus.
Mostly I like books.
Last book read: Mia Farrow Memoir entittled WHAT FALLS AWAY
Current reading focus: some self help books about relationships: Gray on Mars and Venus and so forth, plus some Oprah.
Back a little to Napoleon Hill and David
More from last year: Russia and Jazz
05/13/04 Finished reading biography: ELLINGTON by James Lincoln Collier from library. Collier concludes that Ellington, while given status of a leading composer, piano player, jazz man, was essentionally a "chef"...He mixed music and people and created Jazz better than anyother form. Collier says: Ellington's 3 minute jazz pieces were the best...his longer works failed or did not rise above the mass..."he did not realize a musical piece had to hold itself together in musical terms, separate from the program it was hitched to"..I like what Collier says about the definition of a work of art:...."essentioally a design in time, as a symphony, a novel, a narrative poem must seem to be going somewhere. A goal must be implied from the outset, and each episode, as we pss through it , must give us the sense that it is another step that will take us on a route what we hope will be not merely a surprize, but a new view of the countryside we have been traveling."
05/13/04 Read amd then Prepared a sort of tattered Graham Greene book for release and registered it...The Human Factor by Graham Greene. Espionage Novel, and about perhaps two homes of epionage: Britain and Russia. Won't send this one to the wild since I am a beginner and it is sort of fragile..

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