Oryx and Crake

by Margaret Atwood | Science Fiction & Fantasy |
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Registered by squirrel818 of Tafton, Pennsylvania USA on 10/28/2004
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Journal Entry 1 by squirrel818 from Tafton, Pennsylvania USA on Thursday, October 28, 2004
received this from the book relay, i'll read it asap.

Journal Entry 2 by squirrel818 from Tafton, Pennsylvania USA on Wednesday, November 10, 2004
this was a fantastic book. if i hadn't alreay promised it to someone else i would keep it for myself so i could read it over and over!

Journal Entry 3 by squirrel818 at -- By Hand or Post, Ray/ring, Rabck in Milltown, Wisconsin USA on Friday, November 12, 2004
Released on Friday, November 12, 2004 at about 9:00:00 AM BX time (GMT-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada) at Sending to another BC member in Milltown, Wisconsin USA.


Journal Entry 4 by Wistroll from Centuria, Wisconsin USA on Tuesday, November 16, 2004
This book was part of the "North American Reverse Wish List III" relay.
Thank you, squirrel818. Looking forward to reading this!

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Weird. All I can say is what a weird perspective from the author of speculative fiction. As she puts herself, this is not sci-fi because it has no martians, etc...
I was able to stick with this book because I wanted to know what happened to the characters and not that I didn`t enjoy it, it certaintly wasn`t my favorite book.
I totally read through words that made no sense and I know they did to the authors part of what she was trying to bring into the story. It would not have mattered if half of these were left out. I had a hard time even trying to figure things out that I just went with what was happening next and found myself skimming a few parts...

I`m starting a bookray:
BookRay: Started 2-25-05 (Closed)

Mailing Order (Which can be changed if needed, or there is a problem, Pm me. This is my first Ray):

Rico-Verde, FL
icekween0, Missouri
SmilingSun, Illinois
Ladybug01, Virginia
brewster13, Canada
knitwit, Pennsylvania
billhookbabe, UK
dodau, UK
Icila, France

Off to Rico-Verde. Enjoy!

Journal Entry 6 by Rico-Verde from Leesburg, Florida USA on Wednesday, March 16, 2005
Hooray! I finally made it to the post office. I'll read this right away.


I enjoyed it, but had some reservations. I felt like characterization was weak excepting Jimmy/Snowman. Also, Snowman's part of the story had precious little action compared to Jimmy's. When something interesting finally happens, the book ends. Actually, I rether admire the ending--it leaves the reader a lot to ponder. You could say the same for a lot in the book. It's more of a comment on contemporary society than you might think.

Journal Entry 7 by wingAnonymousFinderwing on Friday, March 25, 2005
received today. can't wait to read it. I have read two other books by this author and liked them both. I will journal my thoughts when I'm done and then pass on to the next person in the ray.

Thanks for sharing your book!

Journal Entry 8 by icekween01 from St. Louis, Missouri USA on Friday, March 25, 2005
whoops...didn't realize I wasn't signed in when I made my journal entry...

received today. can't wait to read it. I have read two other books by this author and liked them both. I will journal my thoughts when I'm done and then pass on to the next person in the ray.

Thanks for sharing your book! (again) :o)

Journal Entry 9 by icekween01 from St. Louis, Missouri USA on Sunday, March 27, 2005
AWESOME! I love Margaret Atwood, but at the same time her books scare me. Some of the scenarios are just a little to close to reality and if you think about it you can't ignore the similarities to things that are really going on in the world now, which leaves you to the "what if" that she is trying to illustrate and the "what if" is truly frightening. I loved this book.

Will pass on to the next person in the ray asap.

Thanks for sharing your book, I really enjoyed it.

Happy Bookcrossing!!!

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sent to next in line for the ray, fellow BCer SmilingSun.

Happy Bookcrossing!!

Journal Entry 11 by SmilingSun from Westchester, Illinois USA on Sunday, May 1, 2005
Received from icekween01. I have 1 1/2 other books to finish before I can begin this one.

Journal Entry 12 by SmilingSun from Westchester, Illinois USA on Friday, June 10, 2005
sending along to LadyBug......mailed on 06/16/06

Journal Entry 13 by Ladybug01 on Sunday, July 3, 2005
I received this book about a week ago, and I'm in the middle of 2 other books! :>(
Then a couple of days later I went to our Library Used Book sale and found a nice copy of this book for just $1! I usually love books by Margaret Atwood and am glad to find it to add to my collection, but will have to read it later.
Sent PM to get brewster13's address to send book on for Wistroll's bookray!

Journal Entry 14 by brewster13 from Calgary, Alberta Canada on Sunday, July 17, 2005
I received this in the mail on Friday, July 15. I'm looking forward to reading it -- will post an update when I start.

Journal Entry 15 by brewster13 from Calgary, Alberta Canada on Monday, August 29, 2005
What a scary book -- it's just plausible enough to send a chill up and down my spine repeatedly!! I really enjoyed it from beginning to end, and now I keep praying that this doesn't actually happen to us!!

I mailed the book off on Friday August 26 ... Happy travels, and I hope the next readers enjoy! Thanks for sharing wistroll...

Journal Entry 16 by knitwit from Yardley, Pennsylvania USA on Saturday, September 3, 2005
Arrived today and although the outer wrapping was torn, the book is fine (thanks to the plastic bag). I have my current book to finish and then I will start this one. Should be able to send it on its way in 2 weeks or so. Thanks for sharing!

Journal Entry 17 by knitwit from Yardley, Pennsylvania USA on Friday, September 23, 2005
I've only read two Margaret Atwood novels and both are her self-descirbed speculative fiction pieces. This is a great companion piece to The Handmaid's Tale but didn't disturb me nearly as much for some reason. In the endpiece at the back, Atwood says that novelists answer the question "what if" and dwell on their current worries - I'd say a large segment of contemporary culture has the same worries as she does.

The writing was superb and very clever in places and the book actually reminded me a great deal of Stephen King. Funny how he's considered pulp fiction and she's considered literature.

Off to billhookbabe in the UK today.

Journal Entry 18 by billhookbabe on Wednesday, November 2, 2005
Received today. Hope there were no goodies as the packaging was open. Book is ok though. I have about four others that arrived in the last few days but should be able to send this on in the next month.

Journal Entry 19 by billhookbabe on Monday, January 30, 2006
The last book I read of Margaret Atwood was The Blind Assassin, which I couldn't get on with at the time and never finished. Glad that didn't put me off this one.
I was drawn straight into the story from the first page. You know things have happened and they are bad. The future as written by Atwood is not so unbelievable with all the things that we know they are trying to do with genetics, and the things that we don't even know about. I felt that this was almost a caricature, a larger than life veiw of the future, yet it is not so outrageous as to be impossible. The degeneration of society has been wholesale and there are no boundaries on what can be done in games and TV.
Not for the faint hearted, the story line involves the child sex trade, the web used for entertainment with 'snuff' sites, and violent death in any way you please. I laughed out loud at the names of some of the websites mentioned. I didn't look them up to see if they were real.
I think this book is particularly relevant with references to weather and global warming in it, particularly with this weeks bleak news about the possible accelerated thawing of the ice caps.
I am going to move this on by continuing the bookray and at the same time releasing for the 2006 Keep them Moving Challenge run by guinaveve.

Journal Entry 20 by billhookbabe on Monday, January 30, 2006
The last two on the previous ray list have asked to be skipped. That leaves me to continue this bookray, thanks to squirrel818 and Wistroll.
Bookray participants:

mrsordonez US
heartsong2 US
Karenlea US
Maurean US
pashmack US
still-legbamel US
ladyofunicorns US
Elsita Europe
kizmiaz Europe (added 25/09/06)
bestfriends Europe

Hope you enjoy this thought provoking book.

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On the next leg of it's world tour, this books will be sent to mrsordonez in the next few days.

Journal Entry 22 by mrsordonez from Fenton, Missouri USA on Wednesday, February 8, 2006
The book is still in fantastic condition. I'll journal more upon reading. Thanks for sharing!

Edited to add: I've still not begun this book, (bad bookcrosser, bad bookcrosser!). I warned billhookbabe, I had a few to read, but I am finishing up the one before this one, so this will be next on my list. I promise it is still safe and sound, and I already have the next reader's address to send it on when finished. 3/24/06

Journal Entry 23 by mrsordonez from Fenton, Missouri USA on Sunday, April 2, 2006
This will be on it's way to heartsong2 on my next trip to the post office. I really loved The Handmaid's Tale and was worried that I would be disappointed by this one (as the main reason I liked the previous one was it's feminist implications). I had just finished reading Fast Food Nation and that combined with the ChickieNobs and Pigoons, I just don't think I can eat any meat for quite a while.

I got quite caught up in the fantasy, and really enjoyed it, which is surprising for "science fiction". I think because, as a previous journaller had mentioned, it is more "speculative" fiction with things that actually could be. I found it even more interesting that the author was in the middle of writing this book during September 11, 2001.

I liked how Atwood introduced elements without fully explaining them until later. One could imagine what "bobkittens" were before encountering the actual description found later in the book. The way Atwood reveals her storytelling elements, it keeps one reading and wanting more.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book, and the end left me wanting more...(whatever will happen to the Crakers?) Thanks so much for sharing with me. When I got the HB I was so afraid it was going to be a chore to read it all, or at least that it would be slow or drag, and I finished it in two days. I'll ship it out as soon as possible. Thanks!

ETA: Mailed 4/7/06

Journal Entry 24 by heartsong2 on Friday, April 28, 2006
Oh my goodness--I've just come to journal my thoughts after reading the book and now realize that I never journaled the fact that it arrived.
I'm so sorry! I think it arrived about 4/12.

So, my thoughts about the book. I sorta cheated to read this--I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. The book was on my wish list, but I don't always love Margaret Atwood, and I don't like The Handmaid's Tale, so I checked out the audiobook from the library to help me get through it. That was my first experience with an audiobook and I ended up half listening and half reading.

I think the audio helped me get over the strangeness of her proper nouns. And I found that I really did enjoy the story. I saw where someone else noted here Atwood's word at the end of the book. Halfway through the book I found that at the end, and discovered that added a new dimension to the book. I can't imagine what it would be like to be in a room with her relatives!

Somewhere else I read that this was written at the same time as the SARS outbreak in Toronto. That added a whole dimension of interest for me as well, especially toward the end of the story.

So, yes, this book was a pleasant but somewhat frightening read. Thank you for sharing it!

I have KarenLea's address and will put this in the mail to her Sat. morning. Sorry again that I neglected to journal when I received the book. It was totally unintended.

Journal Entry 25 by Karenlea from Glendale, California USA on Thursday, May 4, 2006
Caught!!! I have five other rings/rays before this one, but I am a fast reader. I expect to be able to read it within the next 2-3 weeks. Thank you for sharing!!!

Journal Entry 26 by Karenlea from Glendale, California USA on Thursday, May 4, 2006
Caught!!! I have five other rings/rays before this one, but I am a fast reader. I expect to be able to read it within the next 2-3 weeks. Thank you for sharing!!!

Journal Entry 27 by Karenlea from Glendale, California USA on Wednesday, May 31, 2006
This book was very creepy and unsettling. This is my third Atwood book and I really love her style and characters. I will admit that the book moved a little slow in the middle, but I still enjoyed it. I was caught off guard in many parts and the ending was a surprise. I am eager to read more Atwood books.

I am mailing this off to the next reader tomorrow morning. Thank you for sharing!!!

Journal Entry 28 by Maurean from Atlantic Beach, Florida USA on Friday, June 9, 2006
thanks for sharing this, billhookbabe, I've been wanting to read this for some time! Perfect timing too, as I just finished what I had been reading, last night. I will journal again as soon as I'm thru reading...

Journal Entry 29 by Maurean from Atlantic Beach, Florida USA on Wednesday, June 14, 2006
As a fan of both Margaret Atwood, and speculative fiction in general, I found this book both entertaining, and a bit frightening. Atwood's stories always seem somewhat....'odd' to me; the threads of her yard never quite end up where I think they're going, but its always worth it to unravel them to the end! Like knitwit, I didn't find this one as disturbing as 'The Handmaid's Tale", but a scarey enough possibility in its own right. Personally, I didn't like the ending, but it *did* leave me wondering, and I suppose that's the point.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this, billhookbabe, and since I've already requested & recieved pashmack's addy, I will send this along on my next PO run. *mailed 6/20

Journal Entry 30 by pashmack from Lake Worth, Florida USA on Saturday, June 24, 2006
The book arrived in today's mail. I will get started with it as soon as I finish my current read. I'm really looking forward to reading this.

Journal Entry 31 by pashmack from Lake Worth, Florida USA on Monday, July 3, 2006
Wow..what an absorbing read. It's amazing how a book can be so enjoyable and disturbing at the same time. There's not much I can say that hasn't been said already by the previous readers. I did happen to go see the movie, An Inconvenient Truth while I was reading this book. Quite a powerful combination, leaving me with an anxious gnawing in the pit of my stomach!

This is the third book I've read by Margaret Atwood. I can't wait to read more. Thanks so much for sharing, billhookbabe. I'll be mailing it out ot the next reader on Wednesday.
Mailed on 7/5/06

Journal Entry 32 by legbamel from Fargo, North Dakota USA on Monday, July 10, 2006
Wow, this one is zooming along! I just started another ring book but this one is up right after that so probably in a couple of days. I'm very excited to read it. I'll edit this JE with my comments and then PM for ladyofunicorns's address when I'm done. Thanks so much for including me in the ring!

Update: 8/25/06 I am hanging my head in shame, as I forgot this one was a bookring book by the time I finished reading it - it's been sitting on my release shelf for ages! I'm so sorry for having such a short attention span. I'll PM ladyofunicorns and try to get it out in the mail ASAP. [smacks forehead] I did very much enjoy the book. You have to admire Atwood's ability to create such a real and intimidating world, whether it's alternate futures like this one and the Handmaid's Tale or very slightly historical like Cat's Eye. Her command of language and power to create imagery makes her novels fascinating, and then you throw in the stories... ;) Edited to point out that ladyofunicorns has gone on the inactive list so this is going to Elsita in Portugal soon.

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This one is off to Portugal, finally, now that I've gotten my act together! I'm so sorry for holding onto it for so long and I hope it doesn't take forever and a day to get to its new destination.

Journal Entry 34 by Elsita from Almada, Setúbal Portugal on Saturday, December 16, 2006
At last, the book has arrived.
Will read it and write something more, after.
Thanks all!

Journal Entry 35 by Elsita from Almada, Setúbal Portugal on Sunday, February 4, 2007
Wow what a read!
I really liked these Atwood's novel, I put it at the level of hers "Handmaid's Tale".
The question is "What if this really happens to the human kind?" And it's so thrilling to even think about it...
Thanks, billhookbabe, for sharing this book in a ring!
I'll send it to kizmiaz asap.

Journal Entry 36 by Elsita at on Monday, March 12, 2007

Released 14 yrs ago (3/12/2007 UTC) at



Peço desculpa pela demora!

Journal Entry 37 by kizmiaz from Belém , Lisboa (cidade) Portugal on Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Got it. Thanks Elsita.
I'll try and get on with it because I love Atwood's writing, but I still have one to finish before this one.

Journal Entry 38 by kizmiaz from Belém , Lisboa (cidade) Portugal on Thursday, April 19, 2007
What a great book!
Margaret Atwood is a brilliant writer and the more of her books I read , the more I become convinced of this.
This story is not that farfetched; if we skip a generation or two ahead it all becomes quite plausible, and the more scary for that.
The characters are great and the plot is even better because there are so many gaps and spaces for us, as readers, to fill. And truth be told no one ever remembers everything about themselves or the others, especially after going thru so much misery and woe as Snowman has gone thru.
Snowman is such a tragic and clueless character that I couldn’t help hoping things would work out for him, but how could they? He’s stuck with a mission he never wanted, worrying about creatures he never liked or understood but still he does it out of love for Oryx and Crake.
The ending is…just the right one.
To me this book is up there with, not only, The Handmaid’s Tale but also with The Stand by Stephen King.
Sent to bestfriends today (20.04.2007)

Journal Entry 39 by bestfriends from - Ergens in de provincie, Gelderland Netherlands on Monday, April 23, 2007
In my mailbox today. That was quick! Thanks kizmiaz!

I noticed I'm the last one in the ray, which is for the better as I have one other ringbook to finish and several coming my way. Should give me a little more time, if needed, with nobody waiting.

Of course I will see to it that it continues its travels when done, as the book is still in very good condition, considering the distances it has already covered. Thanks for sharing!

Journal Entry 40 by bestfriends from - Ergens in de provincie, Gelderland Netherlands on Friday, May 4, 2007
Picked this up sooner than I thought I would, as the other books I was expecting are probably still on some slowboat or train, as they have not arrived yet.

I had to more or less force myself to start it and secretly hoped the mailman would drop of something else. You see, SF and Fantasy are about the only genres I don’t like at all. After a few bad experiences with similar novels about “fictive or parallel worlds”, most recently Under the Skin - Michel Faber, I swore to avoid those too.

Why I joined this ray? Well, I wanted to give MA a second chance after absolutely disliking “The Edible Woman”, the first and only book by this author I had read sofar (and not finished). "Oryx and Crake" has been recommended to me for that purpose and I joined the ray, not really knowing what the book was about.

However, it took less than one chapter to change my mind, at least for this one! I even quite enjoyed it! It will stay in my memory for a long time. Glad I had a chance to read it! I will not try my luck again with the “Handmaid’s tale” though!

Will look for other books by Margaret Atwood now, as I started to appreciate her beautiful style of writing. I also joined a ring or ray for “The Blind Assassin”.

4th May 2007:
I sent the book to a fellow BC-er in the UK today, who has it on her wishlist, as a thank you for a RABCK she recently has sent me. (Economy mail, as this is a hardcover).


Journal Entry 41 by jillbe from Dorchester, Dorset United Kingdom on Thursday, May 17, 2007
Received in the post today from bestfriends. I really love receiving surprises, thank you very much and going onto mount TBR etc.


Sending onto LadyIndigo01, 2nd Anniversary Bookcrossing RABCK, enjoy!

Journal Entry 43 by LadyIndigo01 from Fordingbridge, Hampshire United Kingdom on Tuesday, January 29, 2008
Its great to come home after a really hard day at work and find a book-shaped parcel on the doormat - thanks for cheering me up today bookcrossers.
This book has such a lot of JEs - its great.

I have read 3 of Atwoods books - absoloutely loved Alias Grace and The Handmaids Tale (not too keen on Cat's Eye). Several people who liked The Handmaid's Tale seemed to like this one so I'm looking forward to it.

I'll be back to post my thoughts when I've read it. Thanks again for making my day Jillbe and other BCers who have written interesting comments about this book.

Journal Entry 44 by LadyIndigo01 from Fordingbridge, Hampshire United Kingdom on Sunday, December 14, 2008
I loved this book! As with Alias Grace and The Handmaids Tale I finished it and immediatly want to read it again. No other authors have this effect on me. In common with previous journallers I found this an interesting and disturbing picture of what the future could hold. The fact that it was not so far away from current reality to be unimaginable is what makes it so disturbing. I've never come across a bookcrossing book with so many journallers (and dating back so far) - its great. I hope to pass it on to another bookcrosser so we can keep receiving journal entries. Thanks for sharing. Right I'm off to find out what other Margaret Atwood books are left for me to read!

Journal Entry 45 by LadyIndigo01 from Fordingbridge, Hampshire United Kingdom on Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Posted this to another bookcrosser. They have this on their wishlist so I'm sending it as a Festive RABCK.

Journal Entry 46 by abrokenstarr from Reading, Berkshire United Kingdom on Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Wow! A well travelled book! Thank you!

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